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Naming conventions in this document:

TDTD: The Dutch Throwdown
QUALIFIER: the QUALIFIER competition period
FINALS: the finals of TDTD Individual Edition, held at September 3-4-5 2021
THE EVENT: the complete competition, including QUALIFIER and finals
ATHLETES: the ATHLETES competing in the QUALIFIER or the finals
COMPETITION CORNER: the platform at that is used by TDTD for sign up and scoring.

    • TDTD is not a sanctional CrossFit event. TDTD has nothing to do with CrossFit HQ.
    • The QUALIFIER for the finals is held from May 27th 2021 until June 28th 2020 10PM CEST.
    • The Finals are held at September 3-4-5 2021
    • By participating in any stage of TDTD, the ATHLETE agrees to all rules and policies pursued by the organization of TDTD. The ATHLETE accepts all the risks associated, or could reasonably be associated with a sport event. For each specific case, the policy conducts by TDTD Organization is always determined by decisions made by TDTD Organization.
    • The ATHLETE accepts that these decisions are final and binding in all respects. To clarify the rules that apply before, during and after TDTD, the rulebook is established and are compulsory for every ATHLETE, participating in TDTD finals.
    • All times, deadlines etc mentioned in our communications are in Central European (Summer) Time.
    • Under no circumstances will TDTD be responsible or liable for any damages or losses of any kind, including injuries. All ATHLETES compete at their own risk.
    • TDTD has the right to exclude ATHLETES from the QUALIFIER or FINALS without giving any reason. TDTD also has the right to validate scores or declare them invalid.
    • Participation in TDTD is only allowed if the ATHLETE has never been at the finals of an (inter)national fitness tournament, individual or as a team, in the top division. Competitions include but are not limited to: The CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown, Tiglon Series, The Amsterdam Throwdown, The Battle of Amsterdam, The Beach Throwdown, The German Throwdown, The Belgium Throwdown, Battle of the North.
    • Anyone that is able to perform the Qualifier Workouts as prescribed in their category, and has not joined a major event as in 3.1, may attempt to register to compete as an ATHLETE in TDTD. Such registration is subject to each prospective ATHLETE’s agreement to all TDTD’s policies, rules and regulations.
    • ATHLETES that have been to the FINALS of TDTD before have to sign up in a higher division. ATHLETES are not allowed to join the same division multiple times, except for the KIDS, TEENS and 50+ division.
    • If an ATHLETE signs up in a division that is under their current abilities, the ORGANIZATION can reject the ATHLETE from the competition.
    • ATHLETES under 18 must have explicit permission from their parents or guardians.
    • All ATHLETES must compete in the QUALIFIER to advance to the FINALS.
    • All ATHLETES must register online at COMPETITION CORNER. Upon registration, the ATHLETE agrees to all policies, rules and regulations, including processing of personal data.
    • Registration of an ATHLETE is only valid if the registration and fee is paid in full before the deadline.
    • The registration fee’s are published at the platform of COMPETITION CORNER.
    • ATHLETES can participate in the following categories:
  • Kids 6-8y
  • Kids 9-12y
  • Scaled Teens 13-17
  • Scaled Adult 18 t/m 23 , 24 t/m 29, 30 t/m 39, 40 t/m 49, 50 t/m 59, 60+
  • Advanced Teens 13-17
  • Advanced Adult 18 t/m 23 , 24 t/m 29, 30 t/m 39, 40 t/m 49, 50 t/m 59, 60+
  • Rx Adult 18 t/m 23 , 24 t/m 29, 30 t/m 39, 40 t/m 49
  • Adaptive Standing Scaled, Seated Scaled, Standing Advanced, Seated Advanced
    • The ATHLETE’s age as of June 28th 2021 will determine for which category the ATHLETE is eligible to subscribe.
  • If an ATHLETE wants to change the category, the ATHLETE must contact TDTD by email at at least 24 hours before the QUALIFIER deadline.
    • Participation in THE EVENT is subject to payment of the registration fee. All payments are final. No refunds or transfers will be permitted, regardless of reason.
    • Registration prices do not include costs from COMPETITION CORNER or currency conversion fees.
    • Tickets for the EVENT are available only at COMPETITION CORNER. If COMPETITION CORNER doesn’t support your currency or payment method, please contact us via
    • Ticket price per ATHLETE for the QUALIFIER is €15,-
    • The rules relating to the movements for the QUALIFIER and FINALS are prescribed by TDTD. These prescriptions are binding and conclusive.
    • TDTD will demonstrate the required movements and explain these to all ATHLETES via their website and Competition Corner.
    • If an ATHLETE has a disability and therefore cannot perform or continue with a standard movement as prescribed by TDTD, the movement does not count as a repetition in the Workout (and will be considered as a ‘no rep’).
    • Physical limitations in Range of Motion from prior physical defects or temporary or permanent injuries that are obvious and clearly definable by  demonstration and are brought to the attention of the TDTD Head judge prior to the beginning of the competition may be granted an exception at TDTD sole discretion. (ATHLETES competing  at the QUALIFIER must email 24 hours  before the registration deadline) These cases are very rare and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
    • Registration for the Qualifier closes Monday June 28th 2021 at 22:00 CET.
    • Workouts will be released Wednesday May 26th 2021
    • Scores must be submitted before Monday June 28th 2021 at 22:00 CET.
    • Repeating the workouts is permitted, All workouts can be done on different days.
    • ATHLETES are advised to perform all workouts with a judge.
    • ATHLETES aiming to qualify for the finals have to submit a video of their workouts by entering their scores in COMEPTITION CORNER.
    • Videos will be viewed by TDTD as part of the review process. If the video shows any faults, the team score may be penalized or rejected.
    • A score adjustment occurs when an team’s score needs to be modified based on miscounted reps, no reps, an invalid video, or a combination of all.
    • There are four options for the requested videos:
      1) Good video – the team achieves the prescribed movement standards during each repetition during the workout and the score entered is correct. The score will be accepted.
      2.) Reporting with a small penalty – the team shows 1 to 4 “no reps” over the entire video of the workout. The no reps will be deducted from the score.
      3.) Valid with a big penalty – the teams shows 5 to 8 “no reps” over the entire video. In this case, 15% of the final score will be deducted.
      4.) Invalid – the team cannot follow the prescribed workout according to the movement standards, a significant and unacceptable number of “no reps” repetitions or the video does not comply with the film regulations. The team’s score in this case will be rejected.
    • ATHLETES on the top of the leaderboard will receive an invitation for the FINALS.
    • In case of a tie, the athlete with the lowest ranking on any of the QUALIFIER workouts will be invited.
    • If an ATHLETE declines their invite or does not accept the invite within the deadline, the invite is cancelled. TDTD will invite the next ATHLETE from the QUALIFIER ranking in that division.
    • The scores at the FINALS will be registered by TDTD Judges. The Judges will determine the workout results but are entitled to change a result after irregularities.
    • Photo or video material made by spectators or other participants does not have to be taken into account in case of a dispute and may be neglected by the judges
    • In case of a dispute the judge is always right unless the head judge decides otherwise.
    • It is not allowed to advertise without the prior consent of TDTD or engage in business activity in TDTD field.
    • TDTD assumes no liability for lost clothing or other belongings of ATHLETES. This also applies to personal possessions which have been left in TDTD changing facilities.
    • The ATHLETE has to follow the instructions given by TDTD Organization, or TDTD staff in TDTD uniform, or otherwise apparently belonging to TDTD Organization.
    • TDTD has the right to disqualify an ATHLETE and/or pull him or her out of TDTD if the ATHLETE does not abide by the rules, or behaves in an unsportsmanlike or improper manner, or of it is considered necessary due to medical reasons. In such a case, the entire Team will be taken out of the FINALS.
    • ATHLETES are expected to not cause damage to the property of others and leave no waste.
    • Any regulations not covered here will be displayed at TDTD final field and must be abided by.
    • ATHLETES will be ranked after each workout.
    • The best score will get 1 point, the second best 2 points etc.
    • The ATHLETE with the lowest total number of points by the end of the day will be the winner.
    • The prizes are provided by sponsors of TDTD.
    • A prize must be returned to TDTD Organization by the ATHLETE when its results are revised and it appears that an ATHLETE is no longer entitled to a prize.
    • An ATHLETE  cannot claim a refund in return of his prize/prizes. No fees or other costs are paid (back) to the winners.
    • TDTD Organization may cancel the finals (hereinafter “Cancel”), or on the day of the finals withdraw (“Withdraw”) them. TDTD may Cancel or Withdraw TDTD if there are unforeseen circumstances and/or force majeure, which includes (but is not limited to) (expected) extreme weather conditions, computer virus, epidemic, bugs, worms, tampering, unauthorized intervention. It is unilaterally decided by TDTD what constitutes extreme weather or a force majeure. It is the responsibility of TDTD Organization to determine when the risk of accidents or dangerous situations are increased due to extreme weather conditions or force majeure. The decision of TDTD to Cancel or Withdraw TDTD in the event of such conditions is undisputable.
    • In the case of a Withdraw or Cancel, costs incurred by the ATHLETE for participating in the finals, including the costs of the ticket are non-refundable.
    • All intellectual property rights and material made by the camera crew of TDTD (both photos and film material) is property of TDTD.
    • Photographers or cameramen who do not belong to the camera crew of TDTD and which have not received explicit permission from TDTD, shall not be permitted on the competition floor. TDTD is entitled to send these people away.
    • ATHLETES taking part in the finals, or located on the site of TDTD automatically agree to waive their portrait rights and other intellectual property rights for images of video created during TDTD.
    • TDTD can revise this rulebook anytime. Changes to the rulebook will be communicated on our website
    • In case where the rulebook, workout descriptions or other communications is unclear, TDTD always has the final word.




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