frequently asked questions

The Dutch Throwdown is a Dutch event for the recreational Crossfitter; ‘Not for the best, just for the rest’. The Dutch Throwdown consists of 2 stages; the qualifier and the main event The Dutch Throwdown.

The qualifier is a series of two workouts spread over two weeks. The qualifier WODs are announced via:
1. The website
2. The Facebook page of The Dutch Throwdown
3. WODapp

Athletes have to complete all workouts, have to be coached and enter his / her scores in WODapp to be included in the WODapp ranking.

Both WODs will be announced on Friday 23 November 2018 between 9 am and 10 am and scores must be submitted in WODapp no later than 9 Dec 24.00 hours.

the best of all divisions will have their own final day at the main event The Dutch Throwdown on 15, 16/17 February 2019 in the Maaspoort Sports in ’s Hertogenbosch.

Any athlete with a minimum age of 6 years can participate in The Dutch Throwdown, provided he / she has never been placed before national and international tournaments, individual and / or team, such as Lowlands Throwdown, Beach Throwdown, Belgium Throwdown etc. you’re not sure about your case? Mail to and the organization will or will not allow you.

If you have participated in a scaled event, you must participate in a division higher than scaled at The Dutch Throwdown. If you qualified for the main event at The Dutch Throwdown last year, you have to participate in a higher division this year! So scaled – advanced, advanced – Rx and Rx can unfortunately no longer participate.

All athletes have to go through the qualifier to eventually participate in the main event The Dutch Throwdown. All Workouts must be filmed and also logged. The organization of The Dutch Throwdown reserves the right to exclude athletes from the main event without giving any reason. The organization also has the right to validate scores or declare them invalid. The Organization has the right to disqualify significant scores that deviate from the average of the event.

Each athlete must register and register online via Athletes can not create duplicate accounts. To ensure participation in the qualifier, the athlete must pay € 9.75 when registering for The Dutch Throwdown.

There are three different classes for which you can register:

1. ‘Scaled’ – for example single unders, ringrows and maximum weights 40/25 kg
2. ‘Advanced’ – able to do prescribed benchmarks and maximum weight 60/40 kg
3. ‘RX’ All benchmark WODs, except Amanda & Elizabeth.
4. 12 age ratings

For all workouts, these are released by The Dutch Throwdown and are communicated online to the athletes. The workouts will contain the following:

1. The movements
2. Start and end position of the movement
3. Permitted techniques, accessories and / or equipment
4. The number of repetitions
5. Required materials and / or weights
6. Timecap or time limit
7. Details about scoring
8. Film regulations

Judging and entering scores are required to make every workout official. You are responsible for the ‘movement and workout standards’. It is the responsibility of the athlete to enter his / her scores in WODapp in time and to make videos of his / her workout. Scores or videos that are not fully entered will not be accepted. The organization of The Dutch Throwdown reserves the right to request random videos from athletes.

There are four outcome measures for the requested videos:
1. Good video – the athlete achieves the prescribed movement standards during each repetition during the workout and the score that is entered is correct. The score is accepted.
2. Valid with a small penalty – the athlete shows 1 to 2 ‘no reps’ over the entire video, which of the entered score are collected. When the score is displayed in time, this time is corrected proportionally.
3. Valid with a big penalty – the athlete shows 3 to 4 ‘no reps’ throughout the video. In this case 15% of the final score is collected. When the score is displayed in time, this time is corrected proportionally.
4. Invalid – the athlete can not do the prescribed workout according to the movement standards, a significant and unacceptable number of repetitions ‘no reps’ or the video does not comply with the film regulations. The athlete’s score is refused in this case. The athlete can deliver a new video within current terms.
5. Uploading the youtube workout you have to upload with a hidden link. This related to rights of such as music.

WODapp hosts the official Leaderboard for The Dutch Throwdown. Scores are visible after entering. but are only official when the organization has assessed them and found them to be good.

From man / woman RX, Advanced and scaled, the next!
From 6 to 8 years and 8 to 12 years.

This can change if there are too few or too many entries per category. then it will go per percentage. this to keep it honest!

21 t/m 25 40/40
26 t/m 30 40/40
31 t/m 35 40/40
36 t/m 40 40/40
41 t/m 45 20/20
46 t/m 50 15/15
51 t/m 55 10/10
56 t/m 60 10/10
61 t/m 100 5/5
13 t/m 16 20/20
17 t/m 20 20/20